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small that only microscopic examination revealed it practically

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months the bones of the skull being most frequently attacked

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the hemolytic streptococcus carriers that they might be isolated

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to the peculiar festoon like arrangement of the muscle fibers in this

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of the fingers there is some mottling of the pigment. The skin over

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of diet. In some cases these digestive disorders are most pro

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explanation of the hereditary element in disease so far as that is

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unruptured membranes all that is necessary is mild stimulants alternat

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For night treatment from twenty to thirty drops of either of

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breathing cease under its use the pulse slows heat respirations

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Studies on Tuberculous Infection. By the use of a strain of tubercle

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hemorrhage noted and this occurred in the oldest in the series an

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Again all depressing emotions desires affections passions

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influence the present epidemic may have in predisposing to tuber

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discoloration of the skin where before lay an unsightly and ex

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lung. Extensive bronchopneumonia involving all the lobes of both

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white raised non liquid and circular after five days cultivation

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hos iLal at least to be a definite duty of the laboratory.

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as the inflammation depends upon the action of toxin elaborated by the

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flora and an elimination of obligate putrefactive bacteria. These

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has shown that the capacity of tissue activity to compensate inhibi

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painting the surface with tincture of iodine. Cold compresses or

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doughy timior l idging into the lumen of the bowel. The patient

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ative agent of this particular form of croup is not the diphtheria bacillus.

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of morbid action destruction of myriads of germs which are

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required. That the nerve centres are altered is probable having

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over gastro enterostomy as compared uj on a similar cases is

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disastrous failure which is ascribed to a fault in the pi ocess and

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chronic nephritis the only remaining organic substance of importance is

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have remained in special wards of the pneumonia sections under the

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circumstance is found in the literature hi different countries. It

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be insisted on bowels regulated with cascara sagrada lozenges.

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were accustomed and disliked t. As a result they ate food and

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from any affection of the abdominal lymphatics. The splenic tumour

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acute forms of disease gentle frictions of the skin after the bath

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circulation or whether they are produced only in the kidneys and

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