ties make their appearance. In most cases. spina bifida termi

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were treated with serum and all recovered. Two of these cases

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them. The prominent sternum in advance of the chest and he two

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heart rate becoming rapid toward the termination in spite of efficient digitalization.

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dilates when she coughs diminishes or disappears when the pa

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this disease it certainly renders its course milder. He regards a

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These three conditions are so named according to the size and the

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abundant no meningococci. Serum intraspinally c.c intra

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hernial tumor cannot be returned it is uneasy or painful tense

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and the change in appearance and lung signs is often striking. The

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cases of Graves disease and this where although the tremor and

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another animal of a different species haemoglobinuria will result as

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account for the fact that the normal downward gradients of rhyth

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developmental measures may be applied with hope of success and

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associations. How far the locaUsed growth of fat tissue in certain

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The symptoms of this condition which are chiefly those of coma

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Bright s disease the same irritants may initiate an inflammation ending

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states catarrh of the prostate the micrococci and cryptococci of

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mingling parents derogatory to the welfare of His people and

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between which are scattered little yellow masses of tuberculous

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instances for as long as two or three years before brealdng down.

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accompanied by breathlessness and palpitation. Attacks of syncope

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in it which on slight irritation causes it to contract. Some

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being diminished by nearly per cent in extreme cases the spleen

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I. The use of cold water should be particularly avoided by

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yellow so that the patient sees everything of that color. Some

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and under no circumstances even in severe diabetes does it exceed

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intellect deepening into drowsiness and heavy sleep the volubility

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of extra uterine life the motor nervous system takes hold and defect of

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waiting as little as possible and to arrange the time of injection so

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injured. Thus the hepatic cells may as in acute yellow atrophy be

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inserted but should be laid to steep in a solution of boroglyce

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by cold in the production of haemoglobinuria is also of interest

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