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the blood still its presence either in the acute or chronic form

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of treatment must be long continued even for several years. Tuber

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rickets in the early months of life whilst still at the breast. More

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The seat or location of the stricture can be easily made out by

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from the body but as the fluid contained some blood it is possible

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No more than c.c. should be introduced at one time and radioscopy

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chlorinated lime. But as it attacks many things being a power

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injection of the drug there was an immediate drop in i ulse rate

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operation. Moreover opening the chest would lead to a sudden

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ten grains butter of coca sufficient quantity to make ten sup

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are due to long continued pressure on these parts to a vitiated

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there must have been some derangement of the slow and measured

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the reduction in size of the cavity and the position of the drainage

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recreation for the tuberculous patients are taken up and described

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suppuration incision and same treatment as for abscess. As a

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theory that these cases at all events are examples of a widely spread

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lowing deglutition has become comparatively easy under daily

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the lung so as to promote sleep and make the patient com

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bronchi. On account of the frequency with which they occurred

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parotid regions. It is not due to a mere excess of mucin but

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of the mucus membrane of the urethra of the male or vagina

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were taken lest the disappearance of symptoms recei e tactless

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occasionally precede the acute attack but as a rule no warning

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circulation. In the capillaries or within the sphere of action of

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The average dose is a teaspoonful every three hours.

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Although the enlarged glands in Hodgkin s disease do not tend

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that now in the following way Ordinarily the wave originating at

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softening are those of the pelvis spinal column and chest. The

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ozone to annihilate the tubercular germ glycerite of kephaline

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and smoking the leaves is of utility in asthma. A decoction of

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is sometimes met with on the back of the neck in women is

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tologists subscribe to the heteroplastic theory of the formation

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more is known with regard to its causation than that the disease

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ach intestines and bladder. If administered in aphthae or sar

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as the germ retains all its virulent characteristics even when

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brass pincers or still better glass pincers and dipped quite

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in those who drink beer than when other spirituous liquors are

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up a free copious discharge of pus. Firm determined perse

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wastrels drunkards and hoboes will be recognized to be the legiti

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As a pathological process fatty degeneration is very frequent in

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