den lesions without apparent suffering to the individual.

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It is seen that in of the cases endothelial cells constituted

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absorbed into the system and excreted in the urine and are not in

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after the premature removal of both ovaries. Without doubt

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states that she has borne children. Great relief is obtained

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symptoms of an increased supply of blood to the brain. n

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blood and blood voliune. Theoretically at least the percentage

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all present in the cases fcjrming the bases of this paper and should

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gave rise to great difficulty in differential diagnosis from typhoid

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plained in this way the morbid discharge from the ulcer is cer

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To digress for a moment it maybe well to mention that although the

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efficiency of salvarsan in many cases it has become evident that the

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between simple skin eruptions and those that contain the patho

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centage of dried weight than those of normal children. The average for

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and Jews or persons who possess the same characteristics. It

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thus appears quite clear that in a fairly large ercentage of cases

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in the picture palpable thyroid enlargement as well as the clinical

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lOOO i er month and per cent of tlie total cases of influenza

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the pharyngeal mucous membrane especially if dark colored.

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good work in the removal of large patches of epithelioma in

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prevail swelling more especially of the inguinal glands is not

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have seen severe uterine pain relieved quickly by the local use of

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can with proper appliances be effected anywhere and though only

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importance in the very early stage a brawny thickening about

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Occurring during the Present Epidemic Lancet cxcv .

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lymphatics. At the close of the malady either because the soil

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chlorosis it does occasionally happen that there is a very consider

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of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company between and

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below. The blood pressure as observed by Lewis Cotton and

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and lethargic some of the hardest workers are yet to be found in

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the disease. This complication probably resulted from infection by

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The smoke of the burnt leaves relieves irritation of the bronchial

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tions it is generally admitted that about ten per cent of all the

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generally unoccupied and collapsed so as to trail after either the head

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widespread and multiple lesion scattered throughout the white areas

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a condition has been called splenomegaly and the correct place

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of inherited syphilis is fallacious and altogether untenable.

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acromegaly. Commencing usually in adults of from twenty to

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Even in those giant forms of microbial disease syphilis can

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