abdominal conditions. It the general practitioner would abstain from

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devils they are real no hallucination as the patient sees them

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Nitro Glycerine. the Materia Medica. Indicated in all

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chief complaint was a sensation of pressure or load in the epigas

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produced in the bone marrow and as transition forms belong to

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If hemorrhage should occur during natural labor enjoin rest

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and labia so much so that when this condition is combined with

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eruptions will be either round crescentic or serpiginous but

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milk puddings fresh vegetables and fruits are also to be recom

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or edema other than that mentioned. No sweats or tremors. Occa

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that were of no prognostic importance. But it is no doubt safe to

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varies very considerably according as the innervation of that part is

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by further signs of blood change such as oedema and discoloration of

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septimi and from this common entricle only one arterial trunk

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made dunng vomiting or during labor. Sterility is rare among patients

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ing the Malpighian capsules especially or in the course of chronic

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portions of soap fatty acids and neutral fats were not significantly

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they are found desirable for this Journal will be translated at its expense.

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tion of the effused lymph and exercises a highly vitalizing action

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The very same degenerative changes are liable to occur in the

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against constipation. It is best treated with saline purgatives

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of them but it must be given in large doses of twenty grains.

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cereal proteins are so greatly enhanced in alue that flour is thus

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active disinfection it is better to add to the lime some acid and

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lent pleuritis with adhesions unilateral in cases and bilateral

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pylorus is displaced the elongation of the gastro hepatic ligament

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Treatment. The general treatment should consist in placing

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exceptions only one joint is affected generally the knee occasionally

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gastro enterologist. It is of course true that microorganisms are

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point and apparently sticks and is thus rejected or if the diet is

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common especially at night when the temperature is high it is

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the symptoms usually abate the muscles become less rigid and

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distinguished from albumens by containing rather less nitrogen and the

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Chloralamid. great utility in all microbial diseases.

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of an open pneinnothorax are much lessened after adhesions have

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their contained vitality. But he found that if instead of giving

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freely drying and mounting. The bacillus is found in the synovial

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keratosis on their hands. Some authorities state that rogress in