the presence of a volatile oil which contains all the

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Myxoedema is not only allied to cretinism but also to cachexia

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The same course of treatment should be pursued as in chronic

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When the front part alone is affected it draws down the back

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under consideration. As compared with uraemia there is far less

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the open cold air. Lobar and lobular pneumonia of the typical

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boards and were given their discharge. Such apparently healthy

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moderately hard and quite regularly. In June more than one

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to breathe comfortably lying flat. It is difficult to judge of the

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perties so much so that when administered internally it is most

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the uric acid diathesis. Dose From a half to one teaspoonful

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Rupture Poupart s ligament passes through the crural ring

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This aftection is most usually met with between the ages of twenty

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palpable spleen the liver was not enlarged. Investigation was

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Vomiting with the usual signs of obstruction is the clinical picture. It

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bedding by breathing the dried sputum of tubercular patients.

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to the musculoskeletal cases the so called functional joint cases.

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As rickety children are specially prone to bronchitis and

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results will usually be obtained with the perchloride of iron and

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tained in the lungs at the end of an ordinary inspiration about

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during convalescence from a supposed influenzal meningitis an

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The presence of a diastolic or presystolic thrill at the apex has

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Phytolacca. Next to saxifraga the best vegetable alterative

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cide and antispasmodic. A drop on cotton wool applied to a

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and previous personal history are significant factors in those men

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genes now so plentiful may be made use of carbonate of soda

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the region of the fourth ventricle or elsewhere has been noted

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tenth day of life with no apparent immediate results. There was

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syringe patient seated upon the edge of a chair syringe elevated

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ments are soft elastic and hot to the touch those of the fingers

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If strangulated the taxis must be tried and in performing

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attempts only a few drops of fluid contaminated with l lood were

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Ejncrisis. Enough data have been adduced in this case to

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Diagnosis. Diagnosis of the disease in typical cases is easy

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usually present in both eyes but frequently to a different extent

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