dead microbes to the skin and lowers temperature. The amylo

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Obstruction of the nose disturbances of smell increased

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vertex. The other condition he has described as a considerable

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and not selected per cent showed Streptococcus hemolyticus

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exercises marches with the band there were round games and

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will be produced corresponding to grains of carbon. Dur

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Uncomplicated Influenza. All cases having started as out

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proportion of these patients the roentgen rays will disclose no dis

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see the organisms study their ameboid movements witness their

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firmly forward in a semi rotating manner until it pierces the

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part the looseness of the skin the large size of the veins and

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in active motion but those movements are soon lost. Urine

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perfectly conscious and had no signs of meningeal involvement.

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ulcerative one sided disease in which the other lung is clinically at

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body reflected to the nerve centres reflex emanation or assimi

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a moderate amount of albumin and tube casts being present par

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it is a valuable microbicide effectually sterilizing and destroy

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anxiety representing the discharge of the energy. This is a defen

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weakened calcareous walls. Its action on the heart is through

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tried by Parkinson an lt l others during this war at Colchester.

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segments put into warm oxygenated Locke s solution often do

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of suicide being the effect of the struggle for existence and of

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volvement of the skin. This eruption consisted of a very few

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ptosis was inidoubtedly associated with a certaui degree of motor

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In the most common form the testicle is the part primarily at

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the lower lobes but as a rule involving portions of all five lobes.

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fractures and on hare lip to which Brophy also devotes his atten

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case of a boy on whom he erformed lumbar puncture for diagnostic

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The distinction of acute arthritic gout from acute arthritic

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ing needle over areas which showed dulness with absent fremitus

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Fig.. Fatal case of uncomplicated bronchopneumonia showing a relatively slow

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streptococcus type were produced as manifested by inspection

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headache asthma angina pectoris albuminuria neuralgia ner

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the scapula to the base. The heart was pulled somewhat to the

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are rare. Lesser degrees of collapse are probably connnon but

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