alence of trench fev er and nephritis among the British and the

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to dispose of these foreign cells. This weakening of the physio

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adenoma. The most common symptom is leucorrhea. In the early

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less fitted for the cultivation of bacilli we maybe able to make up

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insignificant murmurs and the complaints of the men which seem

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and certainly in those cases not dependent on incurable organic

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December developed arthritis of both knees with a purulent

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present in these cases. The importance of the endocrine system and

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nowadays with the absence of exercise and other hygienic

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rising to or but the pyrexia runs an irregular course and

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relationship with the conjunctiva because attached to the scle

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inflammation in the surrounding structures leading to matting

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mixture. Compared with carbolic acid it was found that a two

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certainly better than the urea test and is probably more delicate than

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in America and Sir James Barr in England both of whom described

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other phenomena. The treatment of the condition appears to be

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doubtful for although in the disposition of their hyphse and production

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time a very considerable number of cases have been recorded nothing

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diminishing the vibratory shocks sustained by the perineo ure

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possibly a small focus secondarily produced in the kidney was

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found a fairly well nourished individual the cheeks lips and

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indefinite and trivial. The parasite frequently exists in the ali

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yielded similar results. Captain Fletcher states that between

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service much more beneficial are hot douches of plain or saline

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pressing down and dragging a desire to Vaginai cystocele.

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of these pus pockets apparently made infection of the pericardium

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size the fundamental importance of laying the foundation for

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strictly within ordinary therapeutic limits. The effect must be

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military service. It is this latter class of men which form the

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clear dulness on the right had increased and breath sounds at the

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which reflects great credit on the commanding officer and on those

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expansion of the lung could occur. The external opening should

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all isolated from the heart s blood. Another confusing factor was

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expansion of the cerebral vessels might cause a rupture of their

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The characteristic symptoms closely resemble those to be

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ings under the integuments of the knee and a foul offensive dis

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arthritic changes are only some of the phenomena present. It

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Kernig but no rigidity of the neck. A blood culture taken at this

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from patients with productive coughs were examined microscopically

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temper he is irritable and his depression is often added to by loss

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frequently affected. In this connection two other terms require

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The characteristic signs and symptoms which distinguish the

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psychology. Potential psychoneurotics will be recognized before

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