cultures as described above. Three of the plates also showed hemo

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lyzed in the presence of sulphur water nay further it is rendered

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place in the spleen the exact site of the hemolysis being the splenic

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which reproduce their like give rise on division to the lymphocyte.

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and no anatomical cause of acute death was found anywhere.

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present three days before death evidently no more conclusi e

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much swelling when so vascular and distensible a tissue as the mucous

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the United States before going abroad where we examined about

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tion must be given to the food and general surroundings of the

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Naturally these structures must give way before a prolapse can occur

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terminating by lysis return to normal temperature was most fre

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micrococci in small pox but in a sweaty foot the odor of which

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In some cases of chronic endometritis with leucorrhoea and

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in comparison with the pastes by their adhesiveness which con

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trophicd and there is a marked gastric peristalsis. The symptoms are

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without evidence of any cardiac hypertrophy. These cases how

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two grains of hydrate of terpin exhibited at bedtime had a

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by their hosts Commensals but it excludes those which living

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in which the protoplasmic elements of the pus germ proliferate.

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tions and an abundant intake of fluids are indicated. This procedure

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requested to refer all cases of increased pulse rate to a special

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similar to those presented by the morphinist emaciation muscular

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account for a greater part of the symptomatology during the entire

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Bacillus influenza is of little importance. As early as October

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penetrating wounds. He cannot but appreciate their need of rest

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vantage of being non poisonous. Covering the burnt surfaces

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uterus and kidneys possibly pressure albuminuria during

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the B. diphtherias with which also they appear to closely correspond

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jVIajor Byam gives a very interesting chapter on trench fever

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Coles says Dis. of Blood p. that usually when anaemia is

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transient troops during the period but after their departure from

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is no larger than that of normal ersons when attention is paid to

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in its severe and fatal forms whereas it once was common enough

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washes the debris away and renders the kidneys able to act as

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months after the brace was applied he noticed a numbness of the

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be promptly resented this is especially true of officer patients.

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