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within a few hours by violent dyspnoea palpitation and rapid

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acts upon the sympathetic which supplies the intestines and pro

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tance in pulmonary tuberculosis. Palpation has been of more aid to

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Camp Grant. showed this accentuation. It is considered there

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explain how the soldier on an abnormally low calcium diet would

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few medium sticky rales of the type seen in influenza. Otherwise

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take the perforator passing it along close to the palm of the

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the alkalinity of the blood is diminished and thus the lime in it

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It is best not to secure relaxation by decreasing the amount of oxygen

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tistics indicate that a face presentation was a little more than one half

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increased thyroid activity in order to liberate calcium from the

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problem of abortion and the frequent finding of blood in the peritoneal

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cum Indian turnip mandrake stimulates raises the standard ot

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bones the tenderness of the sternum and enlargement of the

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increase in blood volume. The severer cases require both an

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scure walks of life. Their daughters are taught nothing about

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duct causing the cornea to be constantly bathed in stagnant tears.

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theories that have been held as to the intimate nature and origin of

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phthisis. Indeed it is frequently alluded to as the pathognomonic

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to take place in the process of coagulation. Solutions of fil rin and

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and are liable to rapid propagation from their close contact with

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obstetricians are interested in any paper bearing upon these phenomena.

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The text of the book has been almost entirely rcMTitten and many

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varieties of organisms. A two per thousand mixture of creolin

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the heart to the presence of ptomaines in tetanus cholera

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alteratives tonics and bactericides the latter to sterilize the

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Inasmuch as we were unable to find information in the literature

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mitted to the cord and bulb directly from the uterus to those

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always reliable it is none the less true that other individuals of

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such germicides as lycopodium boroglyceride quinine lotion

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proce s of oxidation or any other process going on within the

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differentiated yet in atypical conditions such as a lateral position

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