whether into stomach or rectum should be given. It may be well

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these symptoms alone as extensive ulceration may exist and all

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valent New York City Dejjartment of Health antimeningitis serum

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but no development ensued. Thus while the microscope re

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monly met with at the inter arytenoid commissure generally

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indicate that the effect produced on the uterus by alcoholic extracts

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gastro intestinal irritation vomiting purging with headache and

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ventricle is rounded off where it projects into the main cavity. So

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stages the glands may become papillary polypoid or dendritic resem

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affected. Patient has all the symptoms of ansemia and leucocy

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monia lobar upper right and entire left lung empyema left

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disease of unknown orighi. Hektoen I think we must be

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a severe headache is experienced accompanied with a feeling of

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tingling sensations in the hands and feet are frequently associated

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definition of the toxic substances the effects of which we clinically

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although tribromophenal may be separated from it by the

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three to five drops with thirty to fifty drops of the tincture of

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the meninges do not yet show evidences of inflammation favor its

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alleged that among numerous persons in all walks of life the

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the initial high temperature of influenza should serve as a warning

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although the period of childhood is not exempt more cases occur

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many French observers among them Roger Netter and Durand

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show a not infrequent massive rupture of softened tumor masses

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vertical furrows in his brow the lines about his noss and mouth

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of subsequent meningitis in man by limiting the removal of fluids

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pneumonia. In other words the infecting agent whatever it might

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thickened by virtue of connective tissue proliferation and there are

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retraction of left lung pleural effusion c.c right with edema

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