much like that which boys assume when playing leap frog.

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history of the following case is interesting as illustrating the obser

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take a prominent place. Firmness untainted by maudlin senti

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application of a warm pad to the wound edges will control the oozing.

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changed. There was some tenderness to jjressure in the left side of

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longed anesthesia must l e avoided. The rebreathing of gas should

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It is a symptom of a devitalized state of the brain weakness or

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inchides short chapters on shell shock traumatic neuroses and

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up of more proglottides sometimes over b the mature pro

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poured out into the nasal passages. It is just as reasonable to expect

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metabolism. But even such a view of the subject is not wholly

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with death. It seems evident that the human mechanism can toler

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face shows no change except perhaps a bulbous enlargement of

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until it is arrested by friction this causes undue pressure in one

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subject of much interest to investigators of these lesions. The most

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of tenia as well as in those obstinate squamous forms lepra

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Therefore the opportunity to save life by improved methods

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for instance returned the cases after four weeks. In an army it

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vulsions poisoning with opium drowning epilepsy apoplexy

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joints with cotton wool supporting them ligh tly with felt or flannel

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the effect produced upon the micro organisms when the sieges

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degree this condition being known as poikilocytosis.

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which have occurred early in life though the symptoms consist

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markedly disabled on crutches he walked out three weeks following

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disease we ha e left a greater group in which the symptomatology

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the ointment seems to do. It is important before using the sul

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in f of the ribs and lack of intercostal movement. The dulness

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children which are specially the mother s. The likeness which

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it and when pressed upon the bowel returns to the abdomen

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influenced by treatment and this which constitutes the middle and

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of a functional derangement of the heart passing into an organic

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Other hsematozoa of more or less transient occurrence en

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composition and the ill results which follow their circulation in the

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stream which by its continued flow seems to defy coagulation.

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External K.vanri nation. The body is that of a sparely built white

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internal secretion others like the pancreas and the liver have an

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haemoptysis amenorrhcea family history red line on gums

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As will be seen in the following brief outline of these cases the

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followed by the development of a typical series of symptoms such as

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Human blood is an alkaline slightly viscid fluid having an average

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Within a generation admission to high schools colleges and uni

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lungs it is thus freed from disease germs mechanical impurities

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