either of these may also set up true diabetes. Over indulgence in

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manifest in the liver which exhibits all degrees of fibrosis with

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admitted to this hospital during tlie epidemic. The frequent com

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effects except perhaps headache which would appear to be due in

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Osteomata are produced by mechanical or microbial irritation

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Clinical Aspects of Pneumonia following Influenza Cam Dodge Iowa

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tate considerable modification of the foregoing procedure and the

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even of an infectious nature but in all cases in which the very

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importance in view of these studies to avoid very carefully any

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the body the microbes will congregate there and grow giving

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vulsions abnormal states of sensation sight and hearing vari

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some of them were the direct sequel of the rheumatic intoxication

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acter and obstinacy in this respect it differs very distinctly from

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lobe in this case may be assumed to be preceding its irritation or

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venous serum treatment. The si inal fluid obtained had a slight

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in man in China Distoma lanceolatum intermediate host

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acute inflammations syphilis tuberculosis and neoplasms. Fre

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Sputl i Cultures. The cultures from sputum were more

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of micturition they reduce his sugar and they soothe his nerve

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the latter term which involves no theory. It is characterised by a

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infantum. A tincture of fresh plant is used in doses of five

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laxative action. Indeed the prescription of laxatives either in con

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streptococcus vaccine obtained through the kindness of Lieut. Col.

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melanosis characterised by the development and dissemination of

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shock is sm vived an anti anaphylactic state has been observed in

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In the former pain in the abdomen is more marked and there is

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All means of prevention are prejudicial to the mental and phy

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Obviously anything that will tend to evoke a strong defensive

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Pepsine thirty grains dilute hydrochloric acid one drachm

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incidence of empyema to i neumonia are not sufficiently high.

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to give the blood a singular pale pinkish colour and on standing to

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the other parts of the body the head and chest grow the

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that ever increasing class of neurasthenics who have been so

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occurrence of convulsions must be determined. The smell of the

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Whatever may be the peculiar action of the bactericide sali

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low with the onset of pneumonia it is likely to increase though this

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