exposure of the tongue base is secured. With a haemostatic

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wash with warm water and afterward dress the wound with any resinous

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may well be satisfied. Take as a first example his views on

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lief of permanently disabled soldiers and injured industrial workmen.

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was pain in the back. Just after the chill the blood

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right and if as probably will be the case the contour of

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cases they are injurious by contravening the plan of treat

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Koch Wilhelm. Ueber das Chloroform und seine Auwenduug

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medical side January 27 1896. Indigestion for eight years. For

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soon compelled to desist the other three holding on bravely

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we have. The practice of suspending towels and sheets about

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left unembarrassed by poisonous drugs. This opinion is in

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epidemicity resulting in spite of the insanitary conditions

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applications and actions however which occasion sensation may

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infettiva dei bambini of the Italian writers and the disease described by

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mentioned the following metallic compounds will also produce

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The President. That has not hitherto been the custom but if

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know is superimposed upon an old ulcer. The majority of patients

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acute bronchial catarrfa of tho smaller oir ussages when caot Into water

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cases the ocular muscles may be the seat of pain. This

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where mitotic figures are very numerous proper stain

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cludes that this affection is not analogous to other

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one pound sugar boil the juice fifteen minutes without

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to forget the influence of the patient s mind in the

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tinue some minute occupation which too often results in

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mica. but in regard to this there is no certainty. No

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The bends of ftdhesion may bind down a portion of the intestine and

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is known from New Guinea and doubtfully from Celebes.

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nearly half the young people of the present day are

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the Greater New York four of which are in the Borough

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These observations confirm those of Denny 2 who also concluded

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Grave mistakes have arisen from want of care in distin

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sloughing. When necrotic changes have taken place the simple arrest

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pneumonia other than the elevation of temperature in

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at ventilation and even in these it is more in name


the supinator brevis and biceps allows of pronation. The exten

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tent of the blood serum for typhoid and colon bacilli.

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beyond the anther with an entire or lobed crest. Capsule often berried

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After the medicine has operated and you have washed the

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Mastich has a faint agreeable balsamic odor which is increased by

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mains de M. Ogier mon bon ami. Je sais fort bien ce que

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provided by Tables of Organization. The division sanitary inspector as assist

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eflfects on the vitality of the various cells. This object is prob

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both were saved. An examination was then made of the bowel

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in specimens stained with Ehrlich s triple stain showed

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in early childhood. His first set of figures deals with three

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par le d6velopperaent incessant du kyste dSveloppement qui au moment de la

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relieceinfl tbe local congestion and sootbins tbe nervous sys

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hypertrophy and on this account the talipes is at every stage oi

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internal medication has been combined with the local

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at least three separate years such a college of osteopathy

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seemed to be the one the more greatly diminished. 9. In a

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ment Hospitals but by comparison with former years

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Investigators sre being urged to develop sad test spscific

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extended in the sunlight the parasite can then be seen through the

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died six months later of laryngeal cancer. Moure of Bor

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stand about in the doorways or in the yard surround

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regarded as dead and buried was forced again into recognition by

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takes the view that the middle meatus is the inspiratory gateway and

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In referring to the nerve cells their locations will be designated

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reasons for the issue of new regulations to be ultimately

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tion lt if tlie pelvis chietly arises from the diminution in size of

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dissolve out regular canals in the regeneration of long bones

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these two parasites as there is in the chnieal infections due to

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ence to the time of eating. In such patients the heart

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hand there is risk of pus gravitating into the hypo

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former may be enumerated as uneven and fitful appetite disordered

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where this appears to be at least an exciting cause.

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was divided a little above tlie line of separation. On

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Wassermann reaction in 190 more and more doubt has been

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muscles. Sir Charles was a physicia n of the candid

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