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ered to have curative value. This has become known through

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repair is always to be kept in mind when determining the parts

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give rise to. Suction is not so effective and dilatation is

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Malherbe relying on the investigations of Ponce fc made the interesting

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Symptoms. The symptoms of acute poisoning in the human

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that the disease cannot be said to be endemic to any one locality.

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livery and in case of need let the fatality be hist in

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consideration at a very early date if this has not already

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being Lectures delivered at the South Kensington Museum.

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appointed to a fellowship in anatomy at the Wistar Insti

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The following case presented to my mind many features of unusual

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tions I have had personal chai of the maladies treated of in this

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able cases are chosen of course the result must be better

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by Professor Lepine and Diphtheria by Drs. Northrup and

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elementary discussion but despite its title is in the main too advanced and

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of the Prostate Gland and a Few Observations on the

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and that insanity was more vice than disease and that harsh

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because that is certainly the most scientific prescription which accomplishes

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of great weight especially when the arrangement of it is assisted

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Tlie inllamniation will soon subside and the uvula be re

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suffering from this affection have all been natives of Eastern Bengal

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observation that chloroform has done a lot of harm it

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stomach we used potato gruel mixed with barium sulphate in the

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tities and stimulants employed as in other acute febrile conditions. The

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use in nuerperal hypochondriasis and depression. A lady the

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