fingers breadth from the pylorus and the small and large intestines were
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be impossible to make a differential diagnosis in such a case unless the
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ascribes to viscid saliva following excessive use of alcohol
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expiratory dyspnea and nasal discharge. Conjunctivitis is
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sac and causing its opposite sides to adhere and that comparative
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cent. Its effect in chronic cases seemed to be a better one than
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Attorney General to make a prompt and thorough investigation looking
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suffered but especially middle aged adults in the colder
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pale l Ut shows a few small hemorrhages near the cardiac end
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tient s hand current strength 3 to 5 milliamperes is re
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mm. the pole opposite to the pedicle shows a depression formed by
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have been on the right side also. But as already stated injury of
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tal and Physician to Out Patients the Children s Hospital
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muscles were paralysed and the diaphragm was now manifestly implicated
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veins may be dilated. CEdema of one or both legs and cutaneous
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The heart weighs 1.50 grams. The muscle is quite firm and
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with the intention of drawing this stump. He assigned as a reason for
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shall appoint a member of the College resident in such division
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deserving of thanks for the responsibility she had assumed. The
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during the last year in the treatment of vvhooping
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very small collateral connections in cyclostomes and Ichthyop
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parietal bone of the infant an incised wound traversing
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were negative explain the lack of finding this organism in the bronchopneumonia
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courage to face his own problems and solve them instead
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through an earlier interest in their physiological significance alone.
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as I have said but frauglit with momentous sequences if you
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effect this some change of posture on the part of the patient
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after a time of relapsing illness suffering danger and expense.
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a patient should be overfed that hyperalimentation is one of the
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recognized by the profession but these resolutions have not beenfollowed up
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water when it is found to contain larvae would be unfair and
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