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suction is suitable in certain cases only. The duration

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camphor two ounces. Burning fluid may hi made in two different ways

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the rear of the battle line that their former peace courses in bandaging.

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also for applying the suprarenal solution when it is

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The charge for inserting announcements of Births Marriages

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necessity contains a lbumen and coagulates if tested by heat or by

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of the higher instinctive and ideational processes. Their com

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to replace the working fang if it should be shed or lost

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may be preserved for many years. Hence they should always be kept

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For practice the methods of approximation form an extremely

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may be applied in the form of a powder to small ulcera

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for years. Such a story while in no way diagnostic is extremely

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cerebral anaemia vertigo muscular debility a very pale fjice and an irreg

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In these cases the disease is likely to spread very rapidly and cover

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fully distinguished between the useful arts or handicrafts and the

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ment on the subject this practice were more widely adopted.

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culous sputa spread on sand the tubercle bacilli were still frequently

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dubitable evidence of unenlightenment on the subject.

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k. being attttckecl tn a lamewhat consideritble extent and further tbat

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later proposed by the Council which was in direct con

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as enective and specific as that of an antitoxin on the bacterial toxin.

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which is more commonly seen amongst the Latin peoples a fit char

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tation of disease until a repeated infection perhaps carries oft the

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coroner for the city who could very well look after

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was a remarkably able man a graduate of the University of Glasgow

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tion to the members to study and search out the secrets of

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of paresis. Therefore it would seem highly improbable that after

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usually brail and flaxseed meal equal parts is mixed in a

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Doctors nurses hospital attendants and laundry hands are very

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working in this program as I have and my testimony today does

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In two eases of pyopneumothorax secondary to tubercu

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interruption of the pregnancy. This condition is usually called the

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resembling somewhat in its constitutional symptoms acute yellow atrophy

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sitting down and rising the peculiar effort to effect a voluntary

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capable of amended explanation our efforts will be less fruit

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in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

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Neither can the savage make agnosticism his life philo

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return of the pain and the patient was eventually dissuaded from an almost

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market for over a year can be taken from the West End of

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tail is attenuated terminated in a point and margined by fine notches.

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applied after careful cleansing with the thymol solu

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has only recently used this apparatus but found the hot

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effect similar lo the day previous directed a cathartic and omitted the mercurial

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repeated epistaxis fits of nausea occasional sense of numbness in

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only to get drunk to secure impunity from any crime which

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after the operation. Meyer regards the case as probably primary tubo

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Gibbs mentions a case in which the entire scrotum and the perineum

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Thanks to Dekes Noosh amp Behnaz for muscularis marcosa

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than in the willingness with which the little cripples

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During this period which has been studied chiefly in

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tive material and about 1 8 per cent of my observed clinical cases.

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shows what an important part alveolar pressure plays in

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every winter especially if the temperature changes are frequent and

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placed. Being persuaded thai we sometimes fall short of i 1 ctations

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found that growth was inhibited on artificial media containing 0 01 per cent.

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vides of observing the earliest beginnings of disease in the

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were plugged with iodoform cotton and the parietal peritoneum

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The following candidates passed primary with honors J. I. Arm

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British Medical Society. The seventieth annual meeting

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the Panel Committee to recognize them. Hitherto if any

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On the 25th ultimo this accomplished physician and estimable

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in crowded bazaars and markets where offal is plentiful and sanitation

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entitled Gangrene of the Lung Following Typhoid Fever.

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while according with a division of the subject found to day in

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development of the swelling is comparatively slow but it attains con

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unquestionably certain varieties of the disorder are idiopathic or neurotic.

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Devised for the Treatment of Marked Prolapse of the Rectum

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being so arranged that all displaced air passes from the

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the heart b What ganglia are found in the heart muscle

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measures. The extensive erythematous forms are very difficult

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order to obtain a transparent solid culture medium Koch employs in

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series of publications supplied l y medical officers of

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Advancement of Science. No criticism could have been

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the islands of the Indian and Eastern Pacific oceans many

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Professor Miller was granted leave of absence for a year s study at

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It is also indicated in the initial perirnl of acute mascnlar

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At first there is brought up a little frothy roueus but on tl

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from acting at all for seven fourteen or twenty one days

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In regard to the proportion of the various forms of

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held in London on July 5th 1921 to consider the proposals

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