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profound effect on the referred pain and tenderness of acute glaucoma.
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Definite digestive disturbances chiefly intestinal may be produced
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to determine whether or not suspicious symptoms are due to
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being somewhat different from what is above mentioned. To
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rious topics connected with the pathology complications
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oxygen inhalations but Stern failed to obtain any such result.
possibility of spontaneous cure lies in the success
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enterostomies. It is possible of course to do this op
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of the seeing eye was 27 mm. the blood pressure being 195 mm.
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cause pain of more or less intensity and which can be favor
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This painful sensation manifested itself in crises lasting a fort
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disputants often set up their own imaginative concepts
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unequally distributed conditions described in the natural order of
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several eases of nerve injury so we see the unusual
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douches shampooing amp c. They have considerable reputation for curing
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ominous event. The spinal degenerations met with in some cases of
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group of serum reactions are those immediately following the injection
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witness for the Crown in many important criminal trials in
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hospital and convalescent wards twenty in number were filled with
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therefore the total number of individual rats was seventy six.
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We first describe Case i the changes which we think
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of heart trouble except some weakness and irregularity
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two hands. There is no analgesia but there is loss of the vibratory
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order to see how much reliance can be placed on the pa
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head visible pulsation of the carotids flushing of the face
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der it of one thickness from the knee downwards. More
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administration of lipoids increases the antilytic and complement
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Prognosis. Cases coming on during the fevers usually recover. Tu
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It is useless to look for an active principle in the latter. C
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illustrate the difference of effects produced by such injuries
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where it forms the upper loop of the figure of eight. The bandage
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tion in the urine on December 22 rose to 10.97 grams. This
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Thoma has described a traction aneurism of the concavity of the
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It is necessary to examine the cornea after each application. Its
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surrounded by a scarlet areola from the pimple towards some
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grazier of large and small sized sheep made the following among
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The author being convioced of the advantages of homoeo
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Her past history is of considerable interest. Although she is only
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two cases showed quite a high antibody content of 500 units three
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was made in the conjunctiva during the instillations. It
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by treatment or may spontaneously disappear. If the
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