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the axis of the humerus now takes place only if consider
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is quite characteristic of the beginning posterior
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Changes in Sensation. Raynaud stated that pain is almost
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frequently in the pressure by tumors on the superior vena cava. How far
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With regard to secondary mediastinal carcinoma there is but little to
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application of two or three leeches and hot fomentations are likely to
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of real good drinks told with gusto and accompanied with
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have delayed one second later to have written the fatal Avord
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wnich had never been treated by a certified surgeon and it wa
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graduating class was delivered by Dr. Roswell Park
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rectness in all its bearings when inspected by the line plumb
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examination showed less cellular infiltration and more atrophy so
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The remedy is official control. Makers of patent medicines
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is the formula for it given by Wittstein 5NH40 2C 6HO
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investigated by itself deriving as should every science
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impregnating them with the farina of the nicotiana paniculate. As
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pass the evidence when deemed advisable on to the Discipline
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process of the development of hemichorea from unilateral palsy
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or they may occur in persons who have never had any arthritic seixun.
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ducting an Examination in Medicine of Candidates for the Diplomas of Fellows and
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basal diet. Therefore it seems just to conclude that the effects pro
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secondary tracheotomy was done but these of course
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and fat laden fibres were here and there scattered and of the muscles
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haemorrhage which had been controlled by the application of fer
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The Jttnioe Obstetric House Physicians foe the yeab were Messes.
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might almost as well not be in their places. They are almost
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served by others who have pointed out that congestion of the mem
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especially in the desert but it is very frequent in the coast
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and four years after delivery of an extrauterine fetus through the abdominal
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lives at sea. Thus the enormous proportion of tubercle is striking
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On receipt of a claim for maternity benefit from the
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impossibility of the same kind as arresting and holding fast the present
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rently not distinctive of the disease. In gross it may be yellow or
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ferred. Hemorrhage is to be provided rior layer of the triangular ligament
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iodide of potassium was therefore prescribed and he rap
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years when he proceeded to a well known public school and remained
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now over six hundred medical men holding this degree in
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iridis and the ciliary muscle. The symptoms therefore are ptosis
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August 26th. Patient slept a little and was fairly quiet
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removed. If the conjugata vera is at the least 7 centimetres
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state from which the organ has departed and to which it
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sician felt fetal movements in her abdomen. As in her previous pregnancies
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water it will not jelly if too weak or if the water is
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associated with the voice. Rhonchal fremitus due to conditions of the
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symptoms of seasickness are felt. The entire amount
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suddenly or there may be a long period during which the patient
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W. T. Ward Practical Observations on Distortions of the
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schistosomiasis in particular acting either directly or through their
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Treatment. We are unacquainted with any method of combating the
sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (bactrim/septra ds)
came off a target shooting contest between John Stuber and Mark Foster.
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which enables a health department to trace the source
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nerves of the skin to the body heat circulation generally and
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origin of ferments and furnishes conclusive experimental
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tho most severely affected parts of tho lungs tho exudation around this
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lin.Hced oil. This varnish adheres perfectly to the integument and
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these obstacles the surgeon finds an excessive exu
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the savage a spirit is the most terrible foe imaginable.
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DOSE AND MODE OF ADMINISTRATION. Two ounces of the bruised

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