having an opposite tendency were carefully discarded.

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exactly and even to make the clinical diagnosis in a not inconsider

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Lest some slight bruise in sleepe cause an apostume

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salt and nitrogen normally. It is in this group that apoplexy is

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tographs of bridges buildings and roofs in this country and abroad. It also

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and strychnia oisoning. The most extensive luvmorrhages occur in cases

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of room and should an epidemic of smallpox or any dis

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An epidemic of influenza which has been seriously felt by persons of

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constitutes a distinct accession to modern methods. The

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contnins imbedded in it about twelve ovate seeds all connected to the

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deal of discussion in the literature in regard to the origin of the

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disease may be successfully inoculated iuto the rabbit by

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is reason to suppose that the haemorrhage is intra meningeal surgical

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classified in regard to cause as 1 simple due to sudden

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diagrams in the text and 134 full page half tone illustrations from

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suppression of the ner e apparatus for all movements but

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Db. T. Edwabd Post a well known physician in Los Angeles

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gave an address on the value of the study of medical

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The very fact which Dr. Brackeubury mentioned about

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favourably it is by the formation of more or less extensive adhesions

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ulation and point out means of prevention and relief

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observation that the left appendage is affected seven

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but I am in favor of it after other means have failed

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the patient insisted on amputation. The extreme laceration of all the

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the gas might escape and to burn not less than three

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tion should the apprenticeship or pupilage be when a member said

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Gustav Magnus and Felix Mendelssohn make an interesting

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ECLAMPSIA NUTANS. From E 7ia gt 7tw to emit brilliant light Nido

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that which was contained in its peculiar Cystes could not be

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case of a young man whom he found in the night bleed

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perience of this operation on the lower animals he does

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entitled to fess for revaccination whether the operation was successful

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and the brain is often as thin as tissue paper. The

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be kept off the cure of this disease would be no harder than

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ness to take to bed several times a day. About this time

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day of each annual meeting each section shall elect

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Aerobic spore bearing bacteria in the intestinal tract of children.

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In true bony ankylosis of the femorotibial joints the results are still

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The Secretary of the Middlesex Hospital. The Registrar s Reports for 1872.

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thfi lobbies of the Hotel Dieu the most central and

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by a morning and an evening suppository. No other anodyne need be

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sand feet above the sea. The air here is dry and balmy

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months previously. He fell about fourteen feet and in

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sources of irritation avoided. Ingrowing nails should be cut trans

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ingly exsanguine. Sinus thrombosis does not appear to have been recorded

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The data made use of in the preparation of this paper were derived

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vp the member artificially as fhall be mofi fit and let it

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At the close of the demonstration the President and

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of paresis. Therefore it would seem highly improbable that after

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to take chances to further their ambitious designs.

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upon the ganglion cells of the spinal cord. It may still remain

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and tobacco have caused trouble much good might be obtained

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peripheral nerves of the muscles and sometimes of the nerve cells and fibers

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Upon palpation there will be entire absence of vocal fremitus upon the

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accumulation of hyaline within the channels of the pars

sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (bactrim-ds/septra-ds)

extern maternity department among the entirely unsuit

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