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Office March I have the honor to submit the following report embodying

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which I would explain this phenomenon is as follows The im

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Supper. Turkey salail celery cheese and a cup of tea.

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the recorded history of his cases that I saw at Phila

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clusions to which Mr. Hilton and myself came respecting this case

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origin during embryonic life as a Teratoma of the Parotid

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every tissue and organ in the body that in too many instances death

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halation of poisonous vapors or irritating particles

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nor of the diphtheritic poison he has never met with

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first year of life it is not adapted as such for adults. It

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through the lymph plexuses thus not infrequently giving rise

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In reply to a question. Dr. Bryant said he would advise

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a plan of treatment recommended by M. Renon Journal

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edly till the temperature remains low. At first it may be

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ture which foUowed was again higher though not so hi. h as

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as is most commonly the case during an attack of acute inflamma

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fords and many other cattle but his great strength moderate size and

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of the skin of the abdomen and that no blood vessel nor lymph

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A section of the wall of the stomach showed an exudation

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Gombault et Philippe. Contribution a I etude des lesions sys

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the needle is withdrawn. A simple spiral or number of eight

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measures must be thorough. Cases of trypanosomiasis

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bladder by the endourethral route showed it to be an

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the first volume the reader will find a chart showing the

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and disorder digestion lower the temperature of the blood but

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demand and justify the use of the curette but I feel assured

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The following formula has been prescribed by Dr. Pancoast

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On the Use of Ocular Douches for Ike Treatment of Purulent Opthal

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absorbed by the stomach those however which are very sapid and very

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operative treatment is surprisingly good. Of six cases reported by

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Treatment is difficult. All cases require moral discipline as well as physical

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