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Resident Tutors. Resident students are expected to attend
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of the muscular structures of the pelvic floor b The im
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Przegl d deutystyczny miesi cznik po wi cony chorobom.
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use of faradism alone we can recognize whether a patient
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had supervened that there was no pain no tenderness
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are dilated and contain an excess of fluid. A certain percentage of the
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change in the amputated part and the radial of the left upper limb
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Altogether we have nineteen cases of amputation at or
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credit associated with the previous failure on the part of
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After the expulsion or massacre of the Christians for
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connected with obvious or obscure disease in the central nervous sys
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organs such as the stomach uterus peritoneum menin
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eases of typhoid and that they were caused by the use of infected
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one may fear or hope for what possibilities of good or evil will
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before reproducing itself. It produces nodules with or
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burn That in view of the general expressed belief of the
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supports of the uterus were not the lig.iments but the vari
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Eussian prisoners and stipulated that the Interallied Commission
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look the patient over. After looking the patient over and finding
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knowing what treatment it is best to recommend to the patient
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those abnormalities of sensation recognized by the patient when he himself
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aeientific treatises of other German writers the style
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apartments no provision was made for potable water except
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and which would have been a contrast to those shown to night
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containing a patient with malaria and their character indicated as
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exudation and the parts surrounding those in which the application
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as thick the right auricle was much enlarged and the left small. The
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Umbilical Haemorrhage. lileeding froni the cord or navel wo md may
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that the instrument should be introduced between the ninth and the eleventh
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seen in meningitis and other conditions which lead to pressure on the
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The first five days of the month were showery owing to the
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stricture except in certain few very old and hard strictures
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Death usually occurred from septic absorption but the records
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sibly operate if at all must be by establishing in the