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both scarlatina and acute articular rheumatism. She
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these were examples of sepsis scarlet fever smallpox
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the advantage of being a pupil of the late Dr. Alexander
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towards the broadest side of the handle this disposition is made in
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sion is to render service to humanity with full respect for the
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ble one end of which had probably been introduced into the os uteris
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more sensitive especially when plated on optimal media
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arterial lesions whether they were the result of the toxic substances
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Four Courts waiting for a cause to come on and chatting with one
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brought over the tongue. The mouth was kept open and the end of
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groin just above Poupart s ligament. These were ex
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sidered themselves to have a reasonable expectation of surviving the
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idiosyncracy seemed most nearly alike giving the disadvantage of
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week than would be possible in years of ordinary social intercour.
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urethra by torsion so though the bladder is distended
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detached could not pass into the gall bladder instead of the
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votts excitement. Idiopathic atony as a strong cause of dyspepsia we
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Banting s System. A system of dieting for the reduc
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roused the looked up for a moment but made no lamentation
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In addition to the above two cases there was one case of severe
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with a tine celluloid bougie. This tolerance to tickling has been found
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strength in which it would be found in the body say to
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that are instantaneous in their action all pervading in their effect
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ing typhoid fever. In two of the cases there was a distinct
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The external jugular vein corresponds to a line drawn
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These cases have all been published during the four years
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which are the most easily affected. Nevertheless we must
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The use of cold lotions to the head as recommended by Dr
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arachnoid. Owing to the position of the body the exudate is most
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perfectly free so that cholecystectomy was considered sufficient and the
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Diathesis particularly in fully declared Phthisis. In Dyspepsia connected
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When at it its height the skin invaded by the disease was deep
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Cuts illustrating the different Splints constituting a Complete Set