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cess and although septic complications are still too often met
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removed from the infundibulum. The discharged ova must fall into
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quently thinner walls than the intra pevicardial portion of the
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to internal urethrotomy because it always in sures acompletL
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and on auscultation we perceive at first crepitation then
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debility dyspnoea violent coughing and dulness of the lungs
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ciety would thus receive many valuable papers fhere were one or two
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indispensable in secondary glaucoma as e. g. in pannns large
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the remainder of List I. Nominees who have been removed from List I
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ployed the method of Valsalva fearing to use ligature. It failed. Digital
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interest and practical importance. Owing however to the comparative
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tity absorbed from the buccal mucosa every may suffice
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shed such light on many questions in medicine and surgery.
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nerve cells. A vegetable diet is advocated with all
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contain as much iodide of potash as before although in the two
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discomfort and heartburn after food bowels constipated. On
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A person of high mentality would probably have died from the in
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physical and to chemical factors diffusion being the most important
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toneum and the pleura inoculated with similar micro organisms in appen
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mater to the pericranium or scalp but when these have been freed
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will appear further on there may be a necessity for doing and
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limb below soon became oedematous. He went home kept quiet and
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Staff Assistant Surgeon Edward Chandler to be Assistant Surgeon i gt ice
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When the nitrate of silver is used the anus and the
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given two or three times a week without anaesthesia and either
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practitioner with report of a few cases to illustrate some
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whereby all physicians practising in the State have imposed upon them an
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true etiology of this curious affection remains unknown.
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and of other forms of chronic Bright s disease. Dark coloured smoky
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county in S. A man was thrown from a wagon which had suddenly
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well as more dangerous. Though the three successful cases
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I. The stenosis which results from persistance of the
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cal adviser to communicate to an insurance company all that he knows
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culture of hemolytic streptococci Strain X. This culture was obtained
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Altered actin and myosin expression in muscle during
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