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monary tuberculosis and as a specific in pyorrhd a alveolaris and

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fessor Guyon. The principal topic will be the etiology and

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where gives rise to the peculiar milky looking network so distinctive

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Corporation Stewart Avenue. Bethpage. I ong Island New Y lt rk

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wall oedema of the lower extremities and of the vulva

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the south constantly launching masses of vapour upon the island

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escaped the wide notice it would have found if it had been

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side by side. Many mitoses were found in the capsular epithelium.

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in which their condition was noted. The greatest enlargement was

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in April the daily average for the year being as against for

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The production of the nutgall is as follows The fe

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tions which determine and regulate the flow of blood at a certain rate

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hid employed a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acids but M. Mialhe

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teresting and is somewhat rare. It does occur occasionally I believe

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as of minor importance because it maybe used in such

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produce. He at length complained of nausea and spoke of ex

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The fact is however that examples are exceedingly rare in which

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irritating gases or foreign bodies of any sort that entei

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er value as a diagnostic measure than the Wassermann

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ing we can cordially commend the work to every prac

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some late statistical inqairiee have tended to stagger the popular if not

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of the hospital be requested to aid in carrying into effect the

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Illinois State Boabd of Health fob the Fiscal Teab ended

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of mm. on Mont Blanc. Hence here too some additional

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guising the flavour of unpalatable drugs and preventing their

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classes and the more fully it can attain its p irpose the

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creation de nonvelles articulations entre des os normale

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mouth. Luthje has demonstrated that a greater part of the grape

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ently any o these changes or all of them any occtir ha the

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months treated at the Hospital for Sick Children December

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overl ing the patella. Some venous oozing followed the

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worst results from this operation were obtained when he routinely

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found and also some small slightly elevated areas of a bluish

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succeeding one another more or less regularly and sometimes with extreme

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itself to combat the infected material which may have been

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better protection to the veterinarian and to the public than the

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ing. Pigs confined to the sty were not injured but if allowed

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incur the risks of prolonged suffering but the delicate and