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of haemolysis. The greater the haemolytic reaction the greater pro
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demonstrative and I do not wish to lay much stress upon it.
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epidemic influenza in man and in the lung tissue of affected animals.
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Jewish priests sboold have had some difficulty in making a correct
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in the secretion of the ear or nose it should be considered
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being only twenty three and three tenths per cent. Deaths are
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the alkaline treatment March th but after two days trial was ordered
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out by David Drummond or even at the patient s mouth when opened.
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of direct injury to the parts. The disease is a very
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of the red blood globules and that certain animals are especially
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course of in itruction at the Naval Medical School Washington
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be removed is too great or where the quality of diseased bone
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to this apart from the fact that this fascinating and elegant article
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dividual instruction. Though much older than his colleagues
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other countries. It can hardly be said however that they were exhibited
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duction of dislocated femur of thirtv eight days si anding.
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although it might feel like a dead weight and its muscles
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rainfall than do the other districts but during the wot
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this being so severe that she was confined to bed for
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per treatment is to destroy every infected and suspected animal and bum the
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administrative time of either the department chief or assistant chief.
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diseases it may at all times be relied upon with confidence as
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ardly shrinks from every ailment but also creates a pathophobic
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dinate his efforts. Thus one sees the irregular muscle developments that
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cal School has been filled by the appointment of Dr. Nichols
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graduate school is located in a large well equipped
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it will have an injurious effect uj on their interests by disturbing their
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of this short paper allow is this What is the commonest cause of
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ditions equitable to both contracting parties. Unless something of an
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draw without any charge. It is about as essential as Croton
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ofbo enlarged the latter being tender on pressure. The urine is febrile
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Augenkrankeu Clinicum der Univirsilat Erlangen Sta
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meningitis had not developed and that death resulted from the general
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should have a decidedly soothing effect upon the tissues.
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matter in the blood things which possibly may be but which
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ing an exclusive homage. It requires that we should close our
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head of the metacarpal bone. Indeed it is one of the
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