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large salaries must be paid. There is also the disadvantage that a whole

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completely bedridden owing to more or less rigid flexion of joints.

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obesity itself has been noted. Menstruation is apt to be irregular

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others not. The original conception of the disease as the result of

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peritoneum of a mouse and also i lated directly on blood agar. At

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ments of the head by weeks or several months. The condition

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The fact that many apparently desperate cases under symptomatic

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so great by endosmosis that it kills the entire bacterial colony

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Technic of Laminectomy. A vertical incision is made in. the

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tion which accompanies inflammation dilutes the irritant if it be a fluid

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of six or eight months the inability to swallow becomes greater

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normal guinea pigs which was done on only a limited mmiber of

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rated and continue the exposure heating the powder if neces

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scope the discharge is found to consist of cylindrical epithelial

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tinct creation for a gradation of species is absurd and inconsis

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perature had been maintained at or above. Cyanosis gradually

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hereditary predisposition and other recognized circumstances

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which large numbers of its physicians passed and in which they

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pulmonary tuberculosis. These patients are between the ages of

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left lobe is heavier and less crepitant than normal. On section it is

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pathy from a rectal abrasion or pocket or fissure or neurosis.

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operations and although it is possible that these effects like those

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excellence. While the text is absolutely necessary to a book and

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of the conditions commonly regarded as adequate to the production

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