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changes. The splenic venules are very distinct and usually well

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larly after the use of the salicylates when the very toxic symptoms of

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after admission. No other cases of diarrhea were found. One

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enormous amount of fluid in the pericardial sac one case having

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Sputl i Cultures. The cultures from sputum were more

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Blood. Hypertonic and hypotonic solutions of sodium chloride come

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supplemented by more extensive areas of subcutaneous bleeding so

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of muscle from different parts of the stomach and getting them to

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siderable diuresis is produced by the administration of one hun

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to end and lateral anastomosis had been done found that there was

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examination and blood Wassermann were negative and the lumbar

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the bone and joint changes are associated. Any suppurating cavity

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cent at Guy s Hospital according to the statistics of Samways

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that when pregnancy or any condition of molecular activity of

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right chest was rapidly clearing up. The left base however was flat

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develop the typical signs of the disease or autopsy should show a

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being termed the humming top murmur or bruit de diable.

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heated. The inhaled air is supposed to take the sides and the

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it. The practices of the army in the fields are carefully described.

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one or more white points extremely small yet still visible to the

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The LYMPHATIC GLANDS are affected with a hyperplastic process

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almost impossible without extensive damage to the affected tissues.

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the deposits in the periphery of the nodules isolated or grouped

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might be expected to exert a beneficial action in phthisis however in

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whose urine contains little or no uric acid the bile contains no

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first introduction this was found one of the great objections to its

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Autopsy. Empyema right. Extensive broncho neumonia involv

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avoided. The diet should consist of articles that will not en

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mucous membrane and glands on the nerve endings of the

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pain leave thus killing the germ where it was localized.

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The cases were studied more closely by the following laboratory

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A very frequent result of ulceration is stricture the ineffectual

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hernias wait as long as possible and use remedies and never

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Lumbago often precedes an attack of sciatica in a gouty subject

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or lymphatic enlargement General health good. In some cases

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oftener among the Americans tlian among the British

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same symptoms as occurred in the Spanish outbreak and was

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gout and vice versa. The glycosuria may at first be very slight

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cows milk. The average fat percentage of the h ied weight of normal

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