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diameter after which in many patients the modified Brewer

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elicited over the middle lobe. The left chest was emphysematous.

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Found in all parts of the body. Some contain more blood

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Fig I. This specimen illustrates pathological leucocytosis there being a well

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of the neck shoulder loin and hip are the most usual situations

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terating food destroying its phosphates which is aiding in the

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fibrin that is interfered with rather than the formation of thrombin.

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only evidence of an unsuspected illness that is fatal within a few

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abnormalities except in the s leen and liver. In the spleen nothing

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that leucocytes tend to adhere to the blood vessel walls in an inflamed

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none regarding that class to which the term scorbutic is applied.

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varying between one and twelve per cent and its absolute quantity

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of function was rapid and complete as the disease subsided.

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this difference between germs and bacteria as regards the action

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of three the effect lasting so long requires one third the number

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Warts are cutaneous excrescences sessile or pedunculated

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School of Medicine and College of Physicians and Surgeons

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the body but more especially on the higher functions of the nervous

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drops for the first fourteen days then increase it slowly to sixty