life. The natural proportions of the body are more or less accurately

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distinct gains. Recognizing the desirability of having a first child

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many cases the artliritis was a recurrence of acute articular rheu

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says that three of the four observed were clear contained flocculi

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an old but valuable remedy lime water and phosphate of lime

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Vascular Excrescences and Erectile Tumors of the Female

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the condition but the affected organs are sometimes firmer from a

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rosis the sphincter develops chronic spasm as well as neuralgia

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pronounced and the cells are completely destroyed the rays acting

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only be cured by the destruction of the bacilH of tubercle. So

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later the degeneration may extend to the other regions. Very frequently

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logical relationships. These remarks apply with as much and even

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of malignant disease may be partly ascribed to some toxaemia. Another

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median line of the abdomen ligating the pedicle of the tumor

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the cord being strengthened in its progress and grows more

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Microbe powder differs from any and every pulverulent sub

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temperature generally dropped to near normal on the day following

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treatment of these diseases should be referred to in connection with

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of the most characteristic features of the disease is the arrest of

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did not develop a crescendo murmur in any position showed a pro

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vertebrae which possess this inherent weakness in a high degree

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various stages of cleavage. After living for a time and growing in

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Note. The observations above recorded were made before

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the vapor being breathed with it as constantly as possible so

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therefore lobar pneumonia due to pneumococcus infection occurred

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It is much used not only for its antiseptic properties but for

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disorder is essentially a neurosis depending on anxiety and fear

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needs further recommendation. To those familiar with the subject

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proved to be decidedly valuable in the recognition of early or obscure

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septicemia there is before frank purulent meningitis has established

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as elephantiasis is met with amongst the Carib Indians it is probable

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toms and signs occur which resemble signs occurring also in con

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quently cures enlargement of the prostate. In powder it is the

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day he should take a purgative castor oil is best of sufficient

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Mix. A small quantity of the ointment is placed several times

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was noticed except a less marked increase of connective tissue than

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The only cure for tuberculosis is the destruction of the bacilli

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These showed a prolongation of the P R interval changes in the

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motor nerves which supply the muscles causing rigid spasm.

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repeatedly mentioned in the literature has been attributed to posterior

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along the wall and in many sections no remnants of tlie bronchial

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after a certain time it unites with some of the sodium carbonate of

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physiologic changes which occur as a result of the menstrual function.

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with ulceration of the fauces the back portion of the throat

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ing solution followed by steam laundrying or by steam sterilization

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spots if depression be great the vessels are greatly engorged

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convalescent patients is of distinct importance as was the produc

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intestinal origin. Trauma to the spine perhaps slight in character

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