While radiation has been the most advanced step made in the

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transmitted b contact infection. Once the pneumonia is estab

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the cases which still revealed the effort syndrome were those who had

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Ventilation is most important as a very large proportion of

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of tissue if not so much prostrated there may be simply ulcers

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that of a man aged twenty six years who was admitted to a

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structural changes have been noticed in the central or peripheral

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renals with the symptoms of Addison s disease but without pig

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due to the presence of a micro organism as measles scarlatina

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removed and the patient placed upon a prolonged alterative and

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Frey Bolli Jour. Corrcsponz Blatt f. schivcizcr Aerzfe April

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daughter or grand daughter cysts. When the brood capsules develop

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and all strenuous exertion of body or mind avoided.

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myelocytes which form the leading feature of the spleno medullary

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In the more chronic forms it is well to pencil the tonsils over

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obliterans. One case is reported associated with past and

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even present a chronic character from the outset whilst comparatively

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litmus red. When inoculated into white mice and guinea pigs the

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known as oUgcemia is however of rare and probably in any case of

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throughout the entire lung most marked at the middle lobe with

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Agar agar plate cultiv ations were made on two consecutive days

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urea. In a case observed by the writer there was sugar which is

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given by reducing the nitrogenous ingesta as far as possible and re

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Found in all parts of the body. Some contain more blood

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These symptoms indicate toxica mia and since the injections

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growth of the child. These patients were given grains of desiccated

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endocardium and valves normal involvement of the lining membranes

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arthritic disease which may manifest itself as gout rheumatism or

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radium without leaving any scar. In some locations as the nose

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cent. were positive for influenza were positive for hemolytic

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be urged as the cause of irritable heart when as happened in so

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Like many other things of which we know little or nothing

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in mesodermal tissue. It is true that in these sarcomata there were

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The bladder should in all cases be washed out with a tepid

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catarrhal states of the bladder and prostate. It is the

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of some substance or substances necessary for the healthy metabolism

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used for the daily dressings. The aspirations were performed by

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