complicating a tuberculous lesion. If the evening tempe

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secondary and cottage hospitals and be made to work

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brane and shows a special tendency to attack the larynx.

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latter. 8 Lastly in the cerebro spinal form of the disease dis

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bles Attributable to Nasopharyngeal and Aural Disturb

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masturbation developing between the twenty fifth and

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Klein divides mastitis into three types depending upon the

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and uninspiring German account of the subject with which

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Bouchard in IMU fir.t called attention to the changes in the spinal cord

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temperature of the sun the terrestrial and solar spectra would be

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Tubercles may vary in size from a microscopic point to large

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a tube had been used as obviously a weak spot was left

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less wretch. There can be no work more elementally benevolent

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scarcely any change below that part. Heart pale firmly contracted

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sibility likewise unite very freely with the nerves of another order

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to give medical services gratuitoush to all dependants of

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may take teaspoonful of milk clear or flavored with

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Dr. Haslip said that it was almost impossible to find a

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but were done merely in our own interest without elaborate pre

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whilst its accumulation eventually assisted in producing the distension.

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fixed or insistent ideas after puberty but no elabora

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veloped auscultation and percussion the disease was sought for and

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It will be noted that the more acid solutions are represented

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object from those which other physicians had in view. Nor

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called true polyps in distinction from the false polyps of the older

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possessed of deleterious properties they must prove prejudicial if

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of nasopharyngeal adenoids and enlarged tonsils is one

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cells no longer reach into the outer portions of the

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the result of this condition. These if not serious

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of the Army Medical Museum by 232 protocols of necropsies and 59 lung

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laid down carpets and the liberal use of soap and water.

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meter. The blood was centrifuged for twenty minutes at high

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an enema will often turn a restless night into one that will shed

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as a model guide to those interested in the subject of

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The First District Branch of the Medical Society of the

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a mere piece of mechanism helpful in the gaining of their private

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pulmonary tuberculosis form a very striking picture on

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bom sketches made in his laboratory of objects imaged by these

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No one has ever had a more enthusiastic biographer and to the

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placed the roaring would again commence. A slight modification

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famous. To use an expression of our German friends Guy s

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greater prevalence or their greater activity. The cases unrelieved

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after being assured of my non responsibility for it.

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eties of white cells and the presence of nucleated red cells

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two cases of lost eyes from injury by broken spectacles

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protest against the dangerous doctrine that all may

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Committee held last week December 7th the opinion was

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doses gradually increased from five grains to a scruple to act more

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ftxnewhat resembling that of sage. They yield their active prin

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against his will is only too apt to resent exposure to

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that we believe there are few of the large estates possessing native

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of squint could only coine through a knowledge of the develop

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The sputum should be disinfected and may usually be

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