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showed irregular bilateral invoKement case showed a c upper
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aspergillar mycosis Penicillium glaucuin a facultative
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Kissingen Homburg and Marienbad are sometimes beneficial as
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ritant swallowed. On the other hand the slighter form of irrita
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forms an excellent lotion and for gonorrhea zinc sozoiodol in
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the various forms of tapeworm which may bring about impoverish
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phur that these burrows should be exposed and nothing does
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causes other microbes but their irritation there invariably modi
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ment with treatment of a germicidal kind a few days or at least
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kinds of irritation of the stomach dose five to twenty grains.
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sexes. It is an anaphrodisiac allays irritation and inflammation
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November revealed evidences of unresolved pneumonia and
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in small doses and affects the heart similarly to digitaliu arrest
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seen its efficacy in pernicious angemia and shall have to mention
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On this day F ebruary there were no. gt ni toms exce t
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food in the shape of effete matter. Another important cause of
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the remedy as one which is at any rate simple and innocuous
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been fully explained pathologically. This is the affection known as
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Beef tea and any of the meat extracts or essences should be avoided
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moses of pericardium left pleura and peritoneum serohemor
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with empj ema were operated followhig this plan of procedure.
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of the female pelvic organs finally become passive resulting in
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It has been repeatedly demonstrated that some substances may call
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because chronic bronchitis and emphysema were found in a number
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inch thick then apply. It may remain twenty four forty eight
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provided attention be paid to diet and the general mode of life.
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this gland. Since the disease frequently occurs in patients with a
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Urticuria is undoubtedly associated with a weak digestion and
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a narrow aperture as a result of some violent exertion or disten
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stained by the Jenner method. A white cell count above per
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combined with opium. The ordinary dose of dilute or aromatic
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fixed hour in the day and which sometimes replaces an attack
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fections of the eyes it is even successful in opacity of the
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Mix. Sig. Shake the wash well and use freely after first
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the blood causing a disastrous destruction of the red corpuscles
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scolex and a strobila made up of three proglottides only. In length it
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from to. per cent. Dunger reports a case of probable car
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cases with thick massive infiltration of the mesosigmoid and where
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or suckled as being of necessity more or less rachitic. Even without
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is attributable in great part to tissues supplied by the autonomic
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emphysema and consolidation of the lung to organic disease of
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intrusion among the tissues of a mass of new material leading to results

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