varying periods after the inoculation. The results showed that there

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act as a disinfectant. If the intestine is to be disinfected these

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tuberculosis. Indeed in doubtful apical lesions the occurrence of

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myelogenous leuksemia. Very rarely a leucocyte may be found con

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bility to tubercle ma be produced by diseases of the respiratory

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character as has already been described the patient was suddenly

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argued that their co existence proves that with rare exceptions

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efforts are being made to stem the evil but with poor results.

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The circumstances which favour the appearance of haemoglobin

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affected parts which was w orse at night. Diu ing the two weeks

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opportunity. Several ounces even or of laudanum may

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clot very rapidly as compared with the blood of typhus fever and

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and many kinds of fruit but in these cases much depends on

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is sufficiently strong to warrant its use especially in view of the fact

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rubbed into a healthy volunteer who in the normal incubation

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and soft. The cause probably lies in some morbid condition of the

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curable. The most that can be accomplished is to afford relief

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because the reflexes were normal and no evidence of syphilis could

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The attacks may be repeated even twenty times or more the

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that have been suggested for the onset of decay and death explanations

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Overcrowding is of two kinds the aggregation of buildings

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velocity of blood flow through these vessels by an increase of meta

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had some have become juite regular patients. The majority have

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fever epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis bacillary dysentery acute

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ways express themselves as being better for it at the time.

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inflammatory affection of the adnexa was limited to the right side the

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combined add thirty two pounds of refined sugar and dissolve it

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trol over the emotions and a poor will witli various individual

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now weakly positive now negative and this in patients in which

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however whether the exercises are of benefit at the root of the

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with its naked legs on the counterpane. There is general

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associations of which the patient is not aware. He certainly is not

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the integrity of these structures is essential to the general well being

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the action of the lymphatic system most energetically and eli

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highh recommended to hysicians teachers anfl students as a

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peutically identical that the one is stronger than the other.

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only during the operation but while the patient is being put under

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ing or even slightly stimulant effects which contribute so much to

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after which period it becomes markedly less frequent and increasingly

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It augments vital force increases the power of vital resistance.

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knee hip or shoulder has followed meningococcus arthritis. In

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In character it is gnawing and is increased by the warmth of bed

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