operative work. Xor is this the only hitherto unsolved problem in

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Terebene.five to ten drops on sugar every two or three hours

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upright with the chest held in forced expiration standing with

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cancer colony or infiltration will gradually kill it and painlessly

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very marked preponderance of potassium and here too the phosphates

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view is the observation by Dr. Dercum by whom the state was

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had elapsed and again two days later. In the most favorable cases

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There are many points of technic still to be worked out regarding

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Spina bifida or cleft spine is also due to the presence of the

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aspergillar mycosis Penicillium glaucuin a facultative

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longed anesthesia must l e avoided. The rebreathing of gas should

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she reached port. Other ships presented similar or intermediate

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other organs. Of the two small twins each born alive after its fellow

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portion of every hand fed infant whether town or country bred.

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proportion of the two groups. As a matter of fact the symptoms

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Summary. In cases of irritable heart and in normal men after

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This one case is quite exce tional throughout in regard to the

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fractures in osteotomies in washing out the bladder in wash

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of the reflex centres the medulla oblongata and spinal cord so

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flexly to powerful peristaltic contraction ending in defecation.

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police power and of recent years certain States of our country have

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bed sores are very large and deep and spread with rapidity. A

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Fatty tumors are liable to glide out from the deepest structures

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symptoms of intense dysentery have often supervened and there

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which must find its way toward the trachea through bronchi of all

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The amount of pleuritis was small considering the extensiveness of

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died October the third day after the second puncture and the

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mortem and a arently in a few cases was secondary to mcdias

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