in children as well as in typhoid fever. In intestinal tuberculosis
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depends solely upon the hydrogen ion concentration of the medium.
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ence from the condition seen in the primary blood disease and
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in two given cases may be widely difterent. The acute catarrhal in
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eclampsia occurring the woman should be delivered as promptly as
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active hence the special weakness of the ends of the long bones and
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cough toxins evolved from diseased nasal nuicosa accessory sinuses or pharynx
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sour stench smelling which de appetizes the patient.
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of and the course in the present as in the former epidemic
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is applied in the morning limb to be bathed first with soap and
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tial count Polynuclears per cent. small mononuclears per
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organisms could be found either in direct smear centrifugalized
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doses of one to two drachms is curative of impetigo prurigo
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But all cases fortunately are not of this severity although in
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size. In a short time weeks not years if there are.several
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force. A science of immense utility to man or it teaches how to
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but as regards other waste products the information obtained from
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brain may be heard on applying a stethoscope to the sides or back
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acteristic clinical features are progressive painless enlargement of
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sleeping apartments deprives the eye of its natural rest in dark
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Differences in rh thmicity were shown by cutting off little strips
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the increased reflexes the changes in the skin and nails are all
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artery with a weak pulse subnormal doses only should be given
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impotent and sterile. When the testes are retained in the abdo
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As a result exudation of fluid and migration of leucocytes take place
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Pathology. The usual absence of any morbid changes in the
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destroyed perhaps on account of their late production. Deaths
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capable of exciting violent inflammation in the urethra or vagina
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involvement most marked at the lower lobe and the negative
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remaining two cases the pituitary was not enlarged but in one of
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montanum. one on each prominent margin of the opening of the
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left iliac region with irregular vaginal hemorrhagic discharge of six
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Officer Nlajor Donald J. Frick Chief of the Medical Service and
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either the i form or the must be thought of In the absence
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Spleen. The spleen is increased to twice the normal size. On
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heaped up cells occurred with resultant thrombosis of the vessels.
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muscle with pain oedema and slight fever. These subside in a
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terious trades insanitary abodes tobacco whiskey excess of