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dentine of the tooth and ultimately spreads through and destroys
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July. A few rales at the left base behind l reath sounds
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food and the acidity of the gastr c contents was normal. Occult
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notwithstanding the fact that the treatment of these cases is
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cent of cases at autopsy. It was recovered also from the sputum
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showed almost identical average values both for fat percentages of
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the microscope when many pale corpuscles will be seen. The
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believe that rickets may run its course during foetal life the dis
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suspicion of infection is always aroused in spite of the absence
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lant to contraction. A solution of sulphate of morphia thus
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development partly in the insect s stomach but also in its tissues into
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strain of repeated and prolonged paroxysms of cough as in phthisis
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owes its presence to an accidental imperfection of liver function
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and that productiveness and power and influence need not be lost
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unconscious by some sort of psychological investigation. The
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in the treatment of chronic bone and glandular affections and
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naphthaline because these substances come directly into contact
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nosis. The differential diagnosis of bone diseases is and prob
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attack of elephantoid fever the lymphatic tracts in the limb are red
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physically at his best. This has led to the suggestion that a state
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and unless immediately corrected by large transfusions were fatal.
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pathology is obscure but the nature of the affection is such as to
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cases of eminema located over an upper lobe which has been
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specific suppurative inflammation on both mucous membrane
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twenty four hours. The urea excretion with due regard to the diet