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applied. It is an herb which merits further inxestigation.

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usually required. The effects cf the remedy begin to be mani

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the clear aqueous fluid collected in the anterior chamber of the

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It destroys the bacteria of ulcers and thus promotes their

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operate most favorably in aiding blood formation their use being

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of the piostate urethra arrests leakages often of utility in

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the diagnosis of the lesions resulting directly or indirectly from the

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Some of the gaps in our knowledge of this obscure disease

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By this presentation I include both of the knees and feet. There

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of his illness. During life no lumbar puncture was made but a

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cautions. A small amount of physiological sodium chloride solution

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any signs of congenital syphilis and only one mother gave a ositive

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thyroid and that occasionally seen in the human subject after

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effects to the alkaloid morphia which is a typically narcotic poison.

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are also frequently altered varying in some measure with the re

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empyema or in the necropsies upon patients who died without

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cathartic and a vapor bath. Following which the patient should

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figures has been from to per cent of all cases affected and

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etiological factor in the majority of the post influenzal pneumonias.

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to the conditions which we observe in uncomplicated typhoid fever.

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been found that by the time the operator has opened the peritoneal

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the two however and one which can be more readily detected is the

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mortality was very high tlie cases were j ractically moribund on

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tive for occult blood on three different occasions. Fluoroscopic

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cross infection by droplet infection by the use of screens cannot be

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crystals they are in reality crystals of bilirubin.

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referred to the organisms only as their hemolytic action on blood

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structure as the cellular endocyst of the parent cyst but have an

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be specially irritated by them. As far as possible it is desir

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external conditions have in the production of disease it is now customary

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the element of shock was always a variable and undeterminable

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