brane is involved traumatic from a wound dysenteric when it

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dered fluid in a water bath then painted on to the skin whilst

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diarrhoea with severe colicky pain sometimes so aggravated as to

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and of large or small size or irregular multinucleated and of consider

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evaporation. In from one to three minutes the stain is poured off and

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phenomena is painful and persistent priapism which has been attri

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phenomena of an internal and of an external secretion since in such an

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Assn. September draws attention to the difficidty of clas

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is more amenable to treatment than ordinary leucoplacia but

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process of karyokinesis may at all times be observed and partly by

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milk puddings fresh vegetables and fruits are also to be recom

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on admission had a normal temperature two days after admission

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unchanged color of the fluid at the second aspiration sliowing that

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obviously useless but the patient had been anxiously waiting for

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now begins to lose itself in the distension of the. body.

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coffee grounds hardened faeces and watery discharge a pressing

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and chronic appendicitis was made. At operation the appendix

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similar to those presented by the morphinist emaciation muscular

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parent worm Filaj ia Bancrofti is found in the abscess. Hydrocele

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count in liver. Cultures from the incubated tissue showed evidence of

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fifteen and the maximum for men is reached between forty five and

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and its destruction by oxygen. Elimination by the kidneys can

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Course of Pneumonia Cases. In Cluirt is shown the p n ccnt

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has not been shown that any causal relation exists between them

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This one case is quite exce tional throughout in regard to the

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overlooked. Again if the disease is in the upper part of the

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