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hold in check the syphilitic processes. Probably we may still

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Septicemic Endocarditis with Splenomegaly Treatment by Sple

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formula up to the date of publication of this work

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very irregular herein contrasting with the more chronic type first

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arranged in two slabs of six each with which the specimen is compared

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equilibrium of the body in the horizontal position by the change

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eight months no other member of the family being of unusual size.

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wall. Similar cases are not unknown and have been described

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diagnosis between tuberculosis and such diseases as cardiac disease

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progress to the unstable dreams of theorists. The sputa of the

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cystography combined with ureterography and pyelography have

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dried weight and frequently was as high as per cent. The soap fat

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boroglyceride or resorcin or thymol jelly. Any of these appli

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pillae. I. The circumvallate which are a dozen or so in number

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occurred in this organization December and. December

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remaining subjects should be taught by demonstration lectures accoin

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The tubercular diathesis must exist in the individual either

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The ear in some way or other is at fault and the centres

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on malingering will be found especially useful to the medical exam

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noises in the ears with. mental depression etc. they are not

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Combinations of these symptoms in varying degrees of severity

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found that the greatest susceptibility to diphtheria was between the

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around a joint and may extend towards the surface forming the

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conditions in which the blood and tissues are loaded with the

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out by the urine unchanged. Its chemical reaction is that of a

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which reflects great credit on the commanding officer and on those

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beneficial effect in controlling the fever. Vomiting and retching

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