to primary imperfections of the tissues themselves are those intrinsic

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To treat such cases successfully requires an adaptation of method

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be accounted for by fatty changes in the wall of the blood vessels.

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enlargement of the gland is quite moderate in amount. Further

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and the blood and between the blood and the tissues can be entirely

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of trench nephritis as well is a lice borne infection. Tlie Americans

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arsenical treatment including salvarsan and neosalvarsan with

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The diagnosis of the condition is not difficult provided the

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tive certain points may l e emphasized. The first is the parental

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argument is bound to come essential influenza has not been regarded

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of a degenerative or necrotic character as met with i. in the

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in contact and is called the decidua reflexa. So that the decidua

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occur either almost simultaneously or without any appreciable

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It is quite possible that nervous influence may accelerate this

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cent in one case where the symptoms were at their height and that

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three to five drops with thirty to fifty drops of the tincture of

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gated prepuce keeps the sensitive glands of the penis constantly

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of the column. All the bones of the chest wall but especially the

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of organic conditions. We might add here also that neither sugges

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T ie diagnosis or recognition of tins micro organism in the blood