its lateral axis. This seems however not to happen

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Overseas repair unit special gas units furnished by Medical Department 44

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time elapsing between the injection of atropin and the recording

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and cold regions. In Europe the disease is most prevalent in France

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est inferieur a 4 millions. Ainsi done les deux tiers de mes patients

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in infancy are not only almost never characteristic

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fiffchs to five sixths of all woimds affected the limbs

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deavoured to sore above other men but through that weakness

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produce the symptoms described. The history of sleep

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pression of the bulb to aflfect the telltale. It was

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scious experience in health we think as little as possible of the

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oppressed. Also some malagmas composed of those articles which have a ten

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rapid advance that has been made in pediatrics during the last few

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subjugated by popular clamor and it was broad enough to include those

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adherent. Walls of the bronchi were edematous infiltrated with leucocytes and the blood

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eral is this rule that Curling after enumerating several

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The amounts obtained were so small that no analysis was made.

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friction murmurs or not although it is quite probable they do so.

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out prominently from the mucous membrane. In very acute forms as in

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the purpose of including several varieties of blad

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As an ointment it is most excellent made as follows


approved either by the Commissioners or by the Postal

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cells no longer reach into the outer portions of the

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were found not to be suffering with it. The table shows

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Prognosis. Cases coming on during the fevers usually recover. Tu

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round or long flagellates about to divide. The contents of the rectum

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ence to the time of eating. In such patients the heart

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disease is twice as frequent in the cerebrum as in the cere

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according to the extent of the lesions has great advantages and it is

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organs and after this the data concerning the situations and

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established to be called a breed. It has been somewhat disseminated in

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famous. To use an expression of our German friends Guy s

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proliferative peritonitis Avith perihepatitis and perisplenitis. Sudden

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disease affects both eyes equally and symmetrically with the

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The o.ssitication of the cranium was not deficient but

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over time. Since then she has had a somewhat irreg

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Navy General Hospital Tnpler General Hospital and at the station

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years he suffered from a slight cough in addition to

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strongly retracted is said by Dr. Eustace Smith to be an early and

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group is that by Dr. Roswell Park of Buffalo on the Na

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tractable affection but is always curable if the patient will patiently and

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mastoid muscle. Motions of the head in any direction

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I arti.d Cvimpression of the cord produces spastic paraplem.i without ana stlicsia

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flour 3 cups baking powder 3 tea spoonfuls. Directions Beat the butter

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One day on stooping precipitately he experienced the

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