dian Public Health Association and in the course of a len tJiy
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primitive propositions but all the propositions of mathematics may
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consisted of sixty eight investigated cases of which
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the results of the Trendelenburg operation to be very bad.
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has been frequently and in various ways administered to relieve such
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accompanied by hernia. They were kept under observation
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diagnosed during lifetime seventeen of these under
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outside the speech area of the scale. When the hearing islands are
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incision of McBurney and the clean cut or through and
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are being rivalled and possibly superseded by measurements of the
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slow course especially at the commencement. Its duration is long
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cropsy revealed a large carcinomatous mass involving the whole
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the decomposition products thereof. The physiographic features which
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restriction is quite likely to be removed ere long.
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the stutterer to speak slowly and consequently in a measured
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the external tubal derived from the ovarian which passes
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time when there is such widespread interest in the etiology of
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tained in the pancreas and liver chiefly in the former
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exercise without apparent ill effect except that cough and positive
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Building 8 were prepared and assistance vas given the proposed
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Externally. In the form of the solid pencil Nitrate of
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These observations confirm those of Denny 2 who also concluded
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Arg. Xaves in the atlas accompanying tlie third edition of the Flora
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emanations from feather beds or pillows brought on attacks of coryza
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pation degree of exposure to pollution and racial customs etc.
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sounds on the back especially in the left interscapular space is
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You see these several elevations along the course of the fibula. There
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c. Hardened projections can be felt at the periphery of
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he has succeeded so admirably in his desire in a general

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