by the s inptoms of oxygen lack. Polycythemia first described

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civilian population to a degree far greater than in peace times. In

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precisely where the fault lies for an abnormal state of the blood is

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the larynx is also affected and when there are other syphilitic

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kidneys the undoubted occasional association with some lesion in

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occurring in the course of so many fatal diseases. Besides these several

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failure and decline will inevitably ensue attended by a variety of

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chiefly the latter are collected and exposed to the

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many persons with this parasite in their blood exhibit no symptoms

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When walking is long delayed a suspicion that the child is paralysed

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change in the hepatic cells. The alterations in the character of

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Fig. L Diagrammatic illustration of a ca ity due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

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The first division of the above classification represents theo

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medication. The method is unsurpassed in reaching disease

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irritability was that it was due to an adrenalemia. It was believed

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syndrome. While we agree with Robey and Boas in the conclusion

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solution of chrysarobine in traumaticine as follows After the

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to determine the therapeutic application of either or both of these

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glycosuria In the former the sugar is usually persistent on an

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There is little doubt that this factor has been greatly overemphasized.

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is discussed from every ossible point of view and as a treatise

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strengthen the significance of the foregoing views so that we are

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tion of the air that enters the lungs in ordinary nasal breathing

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Nitrate of silver thirty grains distilled water one ounce.

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Bacillus botulinus may be confidently assumed as the infecting

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nent symptoms disappear under its use such as prostration

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found equally good results from the perchloride whilst there are

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