ful cystitis is of assistance in helping us to recognize the tubercu

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other diagnostic methods. Subcostosternal pus pockets and purulent

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styptics such as the perchloride of iron. In cases of spontaneous

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dition after two and a half years is definitely improved. The fourth

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after exercise. The cases of pulmonary tuberculosis could be picked

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by the study of the anatomical alterations undergone by the fixed

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defectives before finally disposing of them at the examining bar

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by Dr. Hector Mackenzie there were only five males.

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cultures intracardially into guinea pigs they were put into our

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almost convincing proof of rickets although the bony evidences of

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lize the bacillus and thus aid in at least arresting the disease.

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Here the endothelial lining showed intense proliferation with frequent

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The mullein oil treatment of aural diseases excels all others

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against the infliction of cruelties etc. But Jones says that in all

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tion. Some cells or groups of cells are however stronger than

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ment after aspiration. Unless there is concomitant infection with

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ema left. Extensive bronchopneumonia involving all Lobes of

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There were cases in which the murmur was heard in the erect

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case of the hip or shoulder there may also be considerable shorten

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preceding diagram exhibits the syphilitic germs in the bloody

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there is no other affection with which it can well be confounded.

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which is a direction in which limitation of motion first takes

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The use of forceps is often advanced as an explanation of these

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placenta was rapidly delivered but there was no hemorrhage the blood

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ing through the lungs the air would lose from to per cent

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ingococcus was recovered from the blood cerebrospinal fluid and

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disturbances in metabolic diseases and diseases of the ductless glands

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anced. Unnatural labor where some abnormal deviation has

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in diameter through which ran a Carrel tube which entered the

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extremely soft and frequently dicrotic the heart is correspondingly

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To add to the difH ulty of the situation a visitation of influenza

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