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ter a disease germ is not yet fully elucidated suffice it to say

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The reface states that certain considerations of functional

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tuberculosis the bladder could not take care of itself by reason of

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and diseased. The operation consisted of excising the fibroid curetting

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stomach must be promptly and repeatedly washed out and for this

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germ the growth is by a budding or duplication and when it

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usually lactose and only rarely glucose. Glycosuria is a common

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left side followed em yemH of the right side while in the

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dependent on their germicidal powers muriatic acid and nitric

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Dose From a half to one teaspoonful of salix nigra should

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In beginning this treatment the patient must be carefully in

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and that give more reliable and more conclusive e idence in favor

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uterine ligaments. The sac was excised and the vaginal incision closed.

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the central nervous system before the development of the menin

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that develop in cartilage hence the basi sphenoid and the basi

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difficulty as to our diagnosis but the cure of the disease is

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in acute diseases in the absence of definite signs of irritation of the

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and was in consequence called the Tropical Heart. Disa

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these is sufficient to predicate a marked hereditary tendency.

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anastomosis between the lymphatics which drain both sides of the

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once by mouth subcutaneously or intravenously. Compound chalk

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tightness in throat ould j rotrude tongue half way on Monday

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of a narrow seat which presses solely on the perinaeum. Such a

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touched for seven days or more for six days for five

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patient advances the foot a little slightly everting the toes and

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constantly formed and as continuously removed during life ac

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the important contributions of medicine in the Great War by the

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is of importance in the influenzal stage the leukocyte count is usually

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such roentgen signs which are supposed directly or indirectly to

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