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That the vital manifestations of such organism are dependent

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small rigid radial artery which frequently is situated at some

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intervals. In the case of very young children its strength should

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The majority of them are small sized pale often deformed. Nucleated

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Since the hospital opened in considerable attention has been

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rise in temperature at any time. Pallor throughout illness. Sali

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efficient cause of the fever is the entrance into the blood of a

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long been known that many cases of congenital hernia yielded to

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coccus and glomerules separated therefrom. In other spaces this

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can be done with such an amount of salvarsan. Not only do they

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Others regard the initial lesion as a sign of general infection.

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they hasten or retard the rise of temperature or affect the wet or

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not generally the typical appearance of those passed in typhoid

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ous matrix proceeds in the most irregular fashion. There may be

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chromic gut using care to have the muscle layers well approximated

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tion that the medical profession received many anxious appeals to

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minoid body no effort at repair they become milky then cheesy

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the B. diphtherias with which also they appear to closely correspond

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give tone to the pelvis and its organs especially the broad liga

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Philadelphia aad more elaborately carried out by his pupils A.

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bone marrow seemed to be almost in complete abeyance Figs.

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conclude therefore that inflammation of the meninges precedes

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was felt to be a result of the blood contamination. In any event

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tuberculosis on the other hand wdien it becomes an active clinical

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the first dorsal vertebra and terminating over the sacrum. This