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ment and in the third variety coition and emission are perfect
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like albumen is precipitated from an aqueous solution by sodium
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and a sufficient amount of rest are all points that demand atten
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exercise always showed a rise. The morning temperature was sub
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old men too were brought to understand two cardinal facts
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thymic elements after exposure to the roentgen rays.
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agent secreted in the epithelial lining of the tortuous seminal
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especially the interossei it may be accompanied by muscular
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picture is not increased by the instillation of the toxhi directly into
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hours we are able to judge the amount of sugar formed from a
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the so called columnar epitheliomata which arise in the stomach intes
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mm. in diameter each. In the upper part of the chest somewhat
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prevent its entering or passing through the pelvis whether dis
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existence influenced by the physician versed in psychology.
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cardiac action such as muscular exertion excitement etc. the patient
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inent a feature must be exi lained on grounds other than insuffi
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been studied to determine the effect of an increase or diminution in
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a chance arose of comparing in the same hospital and at the same
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epidemic was due to mfection by either the bacillus of Pfeiffer or
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Tlie large number of empyema cases that showed neiunococci in
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feature of the life and work of the best type of family physician.
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constant relation was shown between the percentage of fat in the
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reflex trophic changes in tuberculosis than in the other two diseases.
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fort next day. The chief objection to it is the unpleasant smell
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remission varies from a few months to several years Dr. Byrom
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where they preserve an elongated shape but spread as soon
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shuffling the knees seem to give way and he behaves like a person
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specific gravity varies from loio to the average being

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