strictly irritable heart group. Diagnosis between these groups is

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sequels of resolution and repair to assert themselves. This result is

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Sterility is rapidly increasing and it is important that a clear

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preceding death autopsy revealed a ruptured esophageal ulcer

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FiG.. Lantern sHde reproduction of roentgenogram shomng barium filled appendix

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of patients in this later e idemic harljoring meningococci in their

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had developed a cough coryza and mild laryngitis. The lungs were

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or its periosteum usually exhibits a line of demarcation although

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Bin ridge establishes from his experiments that the action of

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One of the rarer nervous manifestations usually though not

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is the remedy which when taken into the stomach eliminates

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walked with difficulty the legs being very spastic left ankle clonus

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The best local treatment for the joints is douche massage com

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more difficult since the physical signs were aried and atypical

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some forms of dropsy especially that originating in heart weak

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jaw bones consisting as they do chiefly of this loose spongy tissue are

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character of the temperature but it is not to be forgotten that the

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the external ring and in a position somewhat less liable to trauma

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be congenital but its common origin is the damaged inflicted by

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hours. Locally for burns or compound fractures six ounces of

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other low types of the human brain in the latter class relation

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normal surface except for the changes in one or more papilla. Thus

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Nor is it essential that the ansemia albeit progressive should be

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going. His solution in addition to cupric sulphate sodio potassic

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which a liquid which contains too little NaHCOs is perfused and like

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the perineum. The ossification is accompanied by a muscular

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neighborhood th gt re are a few follicles suggestive rather of follicu

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the diagnosis which is helped by the history of the onset and early

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sixth and ninth days had a normal temperature died on the

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mus dyspepsia or gastro intestinal catarrh b the air passages and

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hard not tender and with no inclination to break down. There is

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teeth or cheesy matter it is solid dull on percussion. As the

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intraperitoneally wdth same cultures died universally. The following

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and then rubbing the affected parts with boracic vaseHne salve

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kidneys exercise some special influence on the nutrition of the

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closely observed by Dr. Smith of Decatur active borborygmus

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