into a learned profession undertakes to bring to the exercise of it a

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either begin to apprehend we are about to get sick or set

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stools is the only sign which is competent of itself

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type but the failing iu the supply from the medical schools

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lives at sea. Thus the enormous proportion of tubercle is striking

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The Belgian army consisted in 1891 i of 43 784 soldiers

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so many men working w ere such grades of efficiency and

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I wish to emphatically state that vaginal hysterectomy

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became infected. A bibliography is appended and the text is freely

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which have been fully discussed in the preceding pages.

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bj gymnastics and exercise if necessary mild aperients may

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cyhticercus had arrived at the conclusion that all blmltler worms were

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removing from the hot bath to check further digestion.

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trachea. When membrane begins to separate and decompose horribly fetid

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of Jena respectively deserve attention. In Bamberger s cases which occurred

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apex and infiltration of the entire upper lobe the heart was

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adjacent tissues by its yellow colour. Sections through the wall and

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ditis very moderate abstraction of blood is recommended. The aolhor makes

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He believed medical men in France were writhing under

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reported an outbreak of small pox in the district. He said that two

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patient had improved considerably and from the 15th to 18th day of

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Vital Statistics in New Zealand. New Zealand is one ot

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spleen along the trabeculae but I could not trace them

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quent upon frequent recurrences in time she lost all of

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that in addition to those of the uailitary muses the

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but tend on the whole to grow worse until any use of

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two Indianapolis school teachers Catherine T. Dunn and Angeline P.

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